BTC-e is thought to have launched in 2011 in Bulgaria. However, there are suspicions that the site could be based in Russia or Cyprus. The anonymity of the site is cause for concern as no one really knows who runs the exchange, which could cause major issues in the event of a major hack. This is exacerbated by their unwillingness to show any proof of reserves. Their high minimum wire amounts ($2000), long processing times and negative online feedback regarding customer service and I.D verification only serves to increase the question marks around this Bitcoin exchange platform.

However, there are definitely upsides to the site. For instance, you can set your own order price and have it filled gradually or all at once depending on demand. The site also trades in various different currencies and maintains very low BTC prices in comparison to other Bitcoin exchange sites.


-Extremely high liquidity.
-Two factor authentication.
– Large number of fiat currencies.
– Live order book.
– Low BTC prices.


– Site ownership is anonymous.
– Long processing time.
– Slightly confusing interface
– Chat ‘troll’ box is consistently being filled with irritating plugs and bad links.
– Don’t always ask for I.D.