October 23, 2017

Did Satoshi Revive the Yapese Monetary System, with Bitcoin and Blockchain?

According to the erstwhile American adventurer, William Henry Furness III, people of the Pacific Island of Yap had a highly evolved system of money and banking. Something which put to […]
October 23, 2017

Macroeconomics, Gambling and Crypto: A Perfect Storm?

Noelle Acheson is a 10-year veteran of company analysis, corporate finance and fund management, and a member of CoinDesk’s product team. The following article originally appeared in CoinDesk Weekly, a […]
October 23, 2017

Money at Risk? Mobile Wallets Become Battleground in Bitcoin Fork Debate

Mobile bitcoin wallets users might not realize it, but their money might be at a heightened risk this November. While advertised as a tool bitcoin users can tap to achieve […]
October 23, 2017

South Korea to Step Up Supervision of Bitcoin Trading After IMF Calls for Reform

Following a meeting with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), South Korea is pushing for structural reforms which include strengthening the management and supervision of digital currency transactions including bitcoin. Also […]
October 23, 2017

Wild Case of Religion, Bitcoin, Hacking, Ends in Prison Sentences

Criminal hacking is nothing new, but this case has it all: religion, bitcoin, and ransomware. It’s hard to turn away. Unfortunately real people and their lives were impacted, along with […]
October 23, 2017

Only one Japanese Exchange Will Effectively Trade Bitcoin Gold

No one can deny we have seen plenty of debates regarding Bitcoin Gold as of late. The bigger question is which service providers will effectively support this altcoin. Over in […]